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Bayou Tapestry

by Adam Rudegeair

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Come Get Wit Da Voodoofied Copyright 2005 Adam Rudegeair If you think that we can’t funk You didn’t know me when. You thought that’s where it’s at but it wasn’t all that, I didn’t have this jacket then. This stage I’m on is the kitchen of song, Got my rhythm for the roux. Gonna make your gramma shake her thang, Turn you out before we’re though. Chorus: Come get wit da Voodoofied. Gotta gumbo groove for you! Come get wit da Voodoofied. Gotta hoodoo comin’ atcha too! Come get wit da Voodoofied. Cats jumpin’ right outta da tomb! Come get wit da Voodoofied. Babies kickin’ it in tha womb! Comes a funk so deep Gonna cut you to tha bone! Simmer yo ass till we make it hot, Pump the blood back into the stone! I’m your jumper lead – make you bump ‘n’ bleed Shootcha right into the pocket. Two-forty volts of the voodoofied Hitcha right in the socket! Chorus And we drop it – the funk hits the fan And you cop it. The blam and the aftershock Boom like a rocket. Rickadicka drums wuckachucka gee-tar Treacle-sweet beats drop the one like a star From the cosmos, you absorb it by osmosis It’s a new diagnosis, now you’ve caught the psychosis, And I’m rising from the murk, like a gator you see me. Whippin my tail into a spunky-ass frenzy. Fistfuls of blues shootin’ up with the steam, I’m floatin’ on the cloud of a musical wet dream. When I wake up, it’s like a breakup, I’m separated. When it’s not free-flowin’ it’s coagulated. Vibe in my veins, electric like a blanket. See a clav before me I just have to spank it. Now the bass is boomin, Saxes are croakin’ The sentence is funk, Judge Judy has spoken. Alarm bell rings – You’re back in your bed. The funk is a mindfuck but it’s all in your head.
Incantations 02:41
Deja Voodoo 07:09
Deja Voodoo Copyright 2010 Adam Rudegeair When I was born I was hot and steamin’ These days I find I’m cold and dreamin’ Waitin’ till night, of spirits I wonder, You got time to think when you’re six feet under… Way Down in the Bayou deep, The conjure man say he might help me sleep. I thought he’d help me take a nap, But he gave me death and a lagniappe! CHORUS: Day after Day In my grave I slumber… Night after Night I rise from six feet under… Deja Voodoo I been down this road before Deja Voodoo Gris Gris keeps me comin’ back for more. I wanna go home, put on a little chankachank, Can’t even stop for a coal drank. My ass say that banquette sho’ look good, Lessay lay bon ton roolay – Don’t I wish I could! CHORUS BRIDGE: Every Hour’s the witchin’ Hour Jus’ me and loup garoo Every season’s the season of that witch I make my bed down in the grasdu, My ma put some flowers on my grave. I can’t even give her a little wave. That conjureman’s funky trance didn’t give me the chance, I’m a Zombiman—and a Zombiman’s a slave… CHORUS Zombi, Zombi Slave to the Gris Gris
Yam Man 06:45
Yam Man Copyright 2010 Adam Rudegeair I’m a Yam Man You find me down in the swamp Grow my own food, grow my own home, Right outta a stump. You see I was hangin’ out with this girl, By the name of Marie LaFayette, Little did I know you see, This fling I’d soon regret. Her pa was the local conjure man, She went and messed with the gris gris, One night I drank too much, I made her mad She took the black cat bone to me. Shamblin’ Ramblin’, Lurkin’, Smirkin’, on Bayou St John, Mossy, Glossy, Drippin’ Trippin’, getting’ my green groove on. I’m a Yam Man You find me down in the swamp Grow my own food, grow my own home, Right outta a stump I live a life that’s dark and green, Your bayou nightmare’s my mossy daydream You saw me outta the corner of your eye Deep shadows I was lurkin’, You thought I was your imagination Cause your mind I be murkin’ Shamblin’ Ramblin’, Lurkin’, Smirkin’, on Bayou St John, Mossy, Glossy, Drippin’ Trippin’, getting’ my green groove on. Yam Man I got twisted vines for hands, Gator eyes for eyes, I chill beneath the mangroves, Them Gaturs all my wives… Shamblin’ Ramblin’, Lurkin’, Smirkin’, on Bayou St John, Mossy, Glossy, Drippin’ Trippin’, getting’ my green groove on. Shamblin’ Ramblin’, Lurkin’, Smirkin’, on Bayou St John, Mossy, Glossy, Drippin’ Trippin’, getting’ my green groove on.
Swamposition 05:20
Mardi Grasdu 02:50
Bayou Boy 03:57
Bayou Boy Copyright 2010 Adam Rudegeair C’mon suck on one of my candied yams, I'll take you for a ride to the Yam Man’s land, Fire and swamp, potent combination, Reveal unto you the forgotten location Of ancient ancestors, left to fester, Sending out tendrils of mind-vines, Sequestering your deepest thoughts, Rooted in the marrow of time, now watch the helix unwind, And reconfigure -- A ticking time bomb with a chemical trigger. Their sinuous influence insinuates quick, Tenaciously the tentacles grip, Reality’s tenuous grasp begins to slip, Blowing out the cobwebs of what you knew to be true, Then you find the green overtaking the blue. Collective primordial, bleeding lime cordial Watchful eye on the world since time immemorial The ravager rages, as they lie nascent, Countin’ the ages till the scourge grows complacent Like grabbin’ for apples, You grapple for control, Pieces of Earth being bought and sold, And you won’t be told, won’t see till you’re trapped in the cold Snap of a new ice age, but I’m the wolf in the fold. A grand soul of old, covered in mould, Gon’ uphold the bold, through sap, sweat and tears, Acid rain wash ‘n’ burn away all your fears. Displace your headspace, swamp water burns like mace, Erase your ego’s imprint, efface your sapien self, You may be man’s effigy, but your wealth grows from the last vestige of the venerated, From beneath the bayou, primeval law reinstated. My gatur eyes gaze into the mangroves of morality weed, And the oil spews black at the heart of the bad seed. You eat my fruit, you dry out my leaves and then, Pulp up my body for the papers you smoke em in. Once I tried to nurture you… Now the screams of your ‘collateral damage’ call me to the rescue. I’m the last echo, the voice of swamp justice, I made the moss and the ebony clusters. I’m the field you grew your greens on , I can burst the bubble you built all your dreams on. I’m the chill you felt down your spine, I made the grapes, you got drunk on the wine. I’m the one who slithered over your grave, I’m the memory of a planet enslaved. So now I rise through the liquid suspension, Synchronicity maelstrom defies comprehension. I burst through the clay like a bubble into the concrete tangle, I’ll turn your cities to jungle, encircle the earth like a bangle. Choke your buildings with the fungal attack, Hippie never seen a mushroom like this! Block out the sun, while you run, I’ll get my photosynthesis! We are the verdant vigilantes, drop down like the dew, Dig my swamp juju, I’ll be your green guru. And when we return from this magic garden ride, You’ll be filled with jubilation, Flashes of green before your sleepy eyes, And remember… One day all this green will be a pigment of your imagination. Now get your green groove on.


Adam Rudegeair's sophomore full-length album takes the listener into a conceptual gumbo of New Orleans rhythms, mossy eco-vigilantes, and shambling zombie slaves...


released February 23, 2011

Produced by Adam Rudegeair and Tomas Fitzgerald
Engineered and Mixed by Tomas Fitzgerald at Anon Islet Studios
Mastered by Adam Dempsey at Jack the Bear's Deluxe Mastering
Photography by Mark Matthews
Art Design by Adam Rudegeair

Additional recording at Funk Noir HQ
All music, lyrics, and arrangements by Adam Rudegeair

Dead-icated to the great New Orleans Funkateers and shambling, muck-encrusted mockeries of men.
Candied Yams and plenty voodoofied at adamrudegeair.com

Adam Rudegeair - piano/keyboards/gris-tar/vox
Justin Ashworth - bass/morassmospheres
Travis Constable - drums
Nat Grant - percussion
Edward York - percussion
Karen Heath - tenor sax/clarinet/bass clarinet
Shannon Barnett - trombone
Nathan Ford - sousaphone
Nathaniel Poynter - flute
Marie Laveau - beads and chains
Aviva Endean - contra bass clarinet
Brae Grimes - trumpet
Henry Manetta - vocals on 'Yam Man'
Jolene Moran - backup vocals
Cleopatra Dyhin - additional piano on 'Swamposition'


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Adam Rudegeair Melbourne, Australia

Adam Rudegeair is a Melbourne-based piano player/songwriter. His major projects include Lake Minnetonka, The Bowie Project, and Bayou Tapestry.
Recent recordings include "The Bowie Project 4: Strange Changes', 'Nourse Mythology', and the forthcoming soundtrack to the feature film 'Apparitions'.
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