by Adam Rudegeair

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Adam Rudegeair's 2009 EP 'Cyberblanca' is a future-noir funk album filled with infectious grooves, neon imagery, and wit in spades.


released January 7, 2009

All tracks composed and arranged by Adam Rudegeair
Produced by Adam Rudegeair and Louis Tsokas
Recorded and mixed by Louis Tsokas
Recorded at TRS Studios
Mastered by Wez Prictor at the Finishing Post
Cover Painting by Abbra Kotlarczyk
Art Design by Adam Rudegeair
Photography by Stephanie Dyhin



all rights reserved


Adam Rudegeair Melbourne, Australia

Adam Rudegeair is a Melbourne-based piano player/songwriter. His major projects include his jazz trio, Lake Minnetonka, and the Bayou Tapestry. He is also the pianist in Glasfrosch and the muscial director of Henry Manetta and the Trip.
Recent recordings include "The Bowie Project', Bourbon St to Brunswick St' and the Glasfrosch album 'Nocturnes/Aubades'
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Track Name: Little Dog
Little Dog

“They broke my watch!”
“I’m gon catch that sucka. If it’s the last thing I evah do!”

Gon Gitcha Baby
And your little dog too
Gon Gitcha Baby
If it’s the last thing I evah do.

Lids flipped open, back in my room
A moment ago, in my dream consumed
Flyin’ on my broomstick, that doggy tried to chew,
Over you I had to change a cover or two!

Struttin’ to your own little personal theme song
Just wanna help a little lady along
Your beautiful wickedness and my best intentions
Liberated, don’t know right from wrong.


You sizzle like a slug in a salt mine
Every morning when you perambulate that canine
And when you shimmy past the swag of suitors
Diggin yo’ fine design like a chorus line
Pearls before swine

Gon’ setcha up in a kennel for two, If I ever getcha…
Even though I just metcha, betcha never picked me for a lecher
And as you saw through my disguise
I was drowning in your puppy dog eyes.


Behind the moon, beyond the rain
You’re a long way from Heaven, do you need a ride?
Till you let me take you there I’ll bide my time…

Your little doggy makes me nervous
I’m at your service and he knows
And when you tell that dog to heel I’m checkin out
Resplendent matte vanilla toes!
Track Name: Like a Lady
Like a Lady
Copyright 2008 Adam Rudegeair

After I get home,
And I’m sitting in my eloquence throne,
Pick up the telephone,
And dial your numero,
Doncha know, it starts with a double O.

Pour myself a long scotch,
You know I just like to watch,
As your mellifluous butterscotch
Paints a perfect picture, and now you’re richer.

Somebody get me a fan,
Think my temperature’s taken all it can,
The image of you flickers on the back of my eyelids and—
I just saw your tattoo just drip down your back…oooh!

And I’ve never seen your face
And I don’t know your real name
You don’t ask where I’ve been
But you know I’ve been a bad boy again.
I may not be no saint
But you ain’t no Marsha Brady
One things for sure:
You don’t get down like a lady.

My friends told me it’s just cheap sex,
I said “Cheap?!” Showed em what it costs to connect
If only you’d accept when I call you collect
Baby when I get a frown – you turn it upside down

By the time I get halfway through my bottle
My bad hands on the phone, my good one’s easin’ on the throttle.
I’m having contemplations make me a sex Aristotle
Every time you sigh, my credit card wanna cry.

Ain’t it cool?
Cause you don’t have to meet my folks
And you don’t have to laugh at my silly little jokes
We ain’t caught up in no relationship hoax
I didn’t cut you a key, cause you know what you mean to me.


I was on my hands and knees, scrubbin’ your floor
I worked it to the bone, you worked me till I cried poor
You spank me for hours and I wake up…sore
And by the early morning, you’ve spent me empty,
Hang up, and pass out on the--
Track Name: My Girlfriend is a Rockstar
My Girlfriend is a Rockstar
Copyright 2008 Adam Rudegeair

She wears a bullet round her neck, she plays guitar.
She likes the grass between her toeses.
She has two vanity plates.
She picked me out some roses.

It’s just you and me baby, she said, and then came the entourage, the fan club, and I’ll be damned if she didn’t bring her dog too.
Every little kiss is my three chord bliss, but I have to share the moment with the road crew.
I never thought it was gonna be easy, I am a patient man by far.
These are the trials when you pick up Rolling Stone and read:
Your girlfriend is a rockstar…

My Girlfriend is a rockstar
I have Access all areas
My Girlfriend is a rockstar
I have Access all areas

She loves me, she loves me, she loves me, and the world loves her.
She loves me, she loves me, she loves me, and the world loves her.

I found her in the arms of about 1000 other men….shit!
She said relax, it’s not what you think, I just stage-dived into the mosh pit.
Now may be oversensitive, and paranoid I s’pose,
But I know it when I see 2000 hands ripping at her clothes!


She’d get the rockstar parks, if she ever drove.
I’m her rockstar chauffeur, to every avenue and grove.
She loves her karaoke, She loves the decibels
She loves it when the stadium is captured in her spells.

I tried to impersonate a rockstar, I dressed real grunge,
I wore sunglasses at night, I mumbled when I spoke,
All the gang caught me out when they asked me for a light,
and I replied “I don’t smoke.”
Now sometimes I wonder, “am I bad enough for you?”
I don’t read Camus, I have no tattoo, I never get in fights.
But the thrill I get from you is like the thrill you get,
When you’re standing in the spotlight.

She loves me, she loves me, she loves me, and this boy love her.
She loves me, she loves me, she loves me, and this boy love her.
Track Name: Rare Love
Rare Love
2008 Adam Rudegeair

When I first metchu baby
You claimed some culinary expertise
But like most mere morsels
You just don’t cook with grease
I think I blame your mama
Feed the whole family on just one pigeon
Gon’ ask her why she never bother
To show you round the kitchen

Why you gimme that
Rare Love
When you know I like it
Well Done
Why you gimme that
Rare Love
When you know just how I like it

Now can’t blame a guy
For havin’ some expectation
Cause if you ever read my mind
It’d be cause for celebration
Cause I’m I’m dyin’ for a T Bone
You offer me a salmon rib
Whyja even bother to break out
The lobster bib?


When you gave me you heart
I felt a little drip
Found your love’s an iceberg,
I was only holding the tip

You know you left me hungry
Like a man out on the street
I barely got me a mouthful,
And I’m a guy who likes to eat