by Adam Rudegeair

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Adam Rudegeair's debut full-length album "Transmogrify" is a musical mission statement. Mixing funk grooves, jazz harmony, humour, and some stellar guests, "Transmogrify" will lift you up, and make you get down.


released June 3, 2004

Adam Rudegeair - black keys, white keys, and everything in between
Pete Mitchell - baritone, tenor, alto and soprano saxes
Indra Buraczewska - electric and acoustic bass
Scott Hay - drums and percussion

Also featuring:
Henry Manetta - vocals and backing vocals
Kate Vigo - backing vocals
Roderick Campbell - trumpet
Neil Boland - electric guitar

Art Direction - Danielle Maccarone
Photography - Ali Bennett and Danielle Maccarone
All songs written and arranged by Adam Rudegeair
Copyright 2004 Adam Rudegeair
Recorded at NMIT Studio Fairfield 2004
Recorded, mixed and mastered by James Clark



all rights reserved


Adam Rudegeair Melbourne, Australia

Adam Rudegeair is a Melbourne-based piano player/songwriter. His major projects include his jazz trio, Lake Minnetonka, and the Bayou Tapestry. He is also the pianist in Glasfrosch and the muscial director of Henry Manetta and the Trip.
Recent recordings include "The Bowie Project', Bourbon St to Brunswick St' and the Glasfrosch album 'Nocturnes/Aubades'
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Track Name: We Like It Live
Tell you what, you hit the switch.
I'll sing the song, you correct the pitch.
And before you press me,
Please compress me.
Don't like the tone, equalize.
Don't like the time, quantize.

Wait a minute, Scotty, hold it on the one.
Let me put the click track on.
Take a bar I like, uh, loop it, alright,
On top I'll put my own beats on, with my keyboard.

We like it live!
Track Name: Mr Majesty
Mr Majesty

Mr Majesty,
You are the poet of tones.
Trinkle Sprinkle, Surge, Regurge
Sanctify my Bones.

Burble like Lava,
Suck the blood from the stone.
You got us good ‘n’ ready now,
Show us your own

Mr Majesty
Just keep doin’ what you do
Mr Majesty
Just keep doin’ what you do

Didn’t need no second opinion on my first impression.
I confess, it’s getting to be an obsession
With your righteous profession.
Broadcasting from the shack, and an 8-track
You know you can really blow my mind.
Do, do, doin’ what you do…


You are the ringleader of the cosmic circus
With your royal sceptre
It’s no happenstance I got your soul sustenance flowing into my receptor
What twisted tome of the mind will your dome dream next?
In a manner metaphysical you play the set equipped with all the funky effects.


Surely…you must be…
Surely…you give me the good frequency.
Surely…you must be…
Surely…you give me the good frequency.

Track Name: Argyle Girl (feat. Henry Manetta)

I’d seen her couple times,
round town as I recall,
I was playing Bogie and
She was my Bacall, Brunette in a
Short shirt and an Argyle top,
might be hazardous to my health
And the she dropped the bombshell
and the bombshell was herself.

Legs poured into stockings,
now that’s a set of pins.
Padlock round her waist her daddy
put there for her sins.
Tongue was like a whip and this girl
liked to give a lashing
That’s how I discovered that
Argyle was back in fashion.

Fashion moves in circles and
this girl came into style.
Same time that she walked in
and I looked up her file.
{Argyle Girl}
Two legs and an attitude,
I wanna be her toy
Cause she’s an Argyle Girl
and I’m a pinstripe boy.

Argyle Girl was aloof,
some might say she’s rude.
She gave me a gutful of her sassy-o-si-tude
She stopped at 6ft 1, her panache went through the roof
Sucked a Kit Kat Caramel
To satisfy her sweet tooth

I tried to play it cool
She raised a cautionary eyebrow
If I want those legs around my waist
Best not to act too highbrow

I asked her what she did,
Said she’s a bedroom dancer.
Lucky she’s the kind of girl who
takes ‘Yes’ for an answer.


Track Name: Funk Noir Love Theme
She kissed I opened my wallet. Well, what the hell did you expect?