Weightless​/​Under the Rainbow Double Single

by Neon Bogart/The Jane Austen Argument

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Indie Cabaret Duo 'The Jane Austen Argument' team up with future noir jazz ronin Neon Bogart for an epic double single! Neon Bogart releases 'Weightless' with two B-sides: 'Chlorokinesis' (taken from the 2011 album 'Bayou Tapestry'), and "Assisted". The Jane Austen Argument release 'Under the Rainbow', recorded live at Revolt Melbourne, and two B sides: 'The Coolest Kid on Lygon Street' and 'Northcote'.


released June 9, 2011

Tracks 1-3 written by the Jane Austen Argument, and recorded live at Revolt Melbourne

The Jane Austen Argument:
Tom Dickins and Jen Kingwell - vocals, ukelele, piano

On Northcote:
Tom Dickins and Jen Kingwell - vocals
Adam Rudegeair - piano

Tracks 4-6 written by Adam Rudegeair, and recorded at Funk Noir HQ

Neon Bogart:
Adam Rudegeair - keys, vocals, drum programming
Justin Ashworth - bass
Jen Kingwell - vocals

on Chlorokinesis:

Adam Rudegeair - piano
Edward York - percussion
Nat Greant - percussion
Aviva Endean - contra bass clarinet
Karen Heath - bass clarinet

All tracks were mixed by Adam Rudegeair except Chlorokinesis, which was mixed by Tomas Fitzgerald. All tracks mastered by Tomas Fitzgerald at Anon Islet Studios.



all rights reserved


Adam Rudegeair Melbourne, Australia

Adam Rudegeair is a Melbourne-based piano player/songwriter. His major projects include his jazz trio, Lake Minnetonka, and the Bayou Tapestry. He is also the pianist in Glasfrosch and the muscial director of Henry Manetta and the Trip.
Recent recordings include "The Bowie Project', Bourbon St to Brunswick St' and the Glasfrosch album 'Nocturnes/Aubades'
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Track Name: Neon Bogart - Weightless (feat. Jen Kingwell)
Weightless © Adam Rudegeair 2007

We two fish in a vacuum
Swim across the sparkling velvet
We bathe in black champagne
We toast with clink of helmet

If you could see the danger loom
Would you try to forewarn?
Or sit right up there on the moon
With a big ol’ bucket of popcorn?

Our arrogance can’t help us now, and it hurts a little,
Our laser beams can’t help us now, our world so burned and brittle.
This great expanse can’t help us now, our loneliness increases,
All our futures shattered, and we float among the pieces.

Chrome and 50’s pinup lips
The starlight in your eyes
Just we and one last jetpack trip
Across the lurex sky.

I will sing you a starchild lullabye
Can you still hear me in your speaker?
The static crackles God’s reply,
Your signal’s getting weaker.
Let’s blow the hatch and blaze a trail
Bright across the sky
And weightless I will drift with you
Until our batt’ries die.
And weightless I will drift with you
And bid our friends goodbye.
Track Name: Neon Bogart - Assisted
Assisted © Adam Rudegeair 2011

Capable, composed, a writer of prose,
Poetry, satire, whatever you desire,
Vigilante moves, these qualities behoove
One who disapprove of stagnation
Like you do.

And I looked you up, but you were unlisted.
I never could have persisted f’you didn’t know I existed.
So here I stand, as a man enlisted.
I ain’t sayin’ you’re helpless, but sometimes it’s nice to be assisted.

Been a long time comin’, can't quite reach your feet,
Sassafras on your bed, too tired to tweet.
That’s where I come in, cruisin’ down your street,
Like the ice-cream man, with a succulent treat.

And I got the longest way to go round…

Micro-memes explode all around,
Whispering code in surround sound!
Let your worries corrode and the remoulade abound,
You’re Queen of the Muses…newly crowned!


My heat will eat the sleet
Pleasure core elite
Replete with fleet secrete
Promise I’ll be discreet,
Maybe mistreat, and retreat
Then repeat on the downbeat.